Wandering Worker Jackets and Hats locations and how to get them

In Stray, there are several objectives given to you that are quite vague or unclear. One of them is how to get work jacket and work hat in Stray and the locations of these two items. Luckily, to save you from trying to find them on the winding streets of Midtown, we’ve got you covered right here in this article.

Grabbing both the Worker’s Hat and the Worker’s Jacket allows you to continue the main story and Clementine’s goals she sets for you. So it’s not like you can skip finding these items or wait for you to play the game again.

So to save you the struggle or go wild as a cat, this guide should help you with what you are looking for. Read below for the Wandering Worker Jacket and Worker Hat location and how to get both items.

Stray How TO Get Work Jacket

To get the worker jacket in Stray you will have to grab the tape by destroying the security cameras of the residence. From there you can take the tape to the clothing store in Midtown and put it in the tape player. So, steal the jacket that is on a mannequin that the trader will put it out.

If you don’t know where to go to destroy the security cameras in Stray, you can check our guide on that and our guide on the location of the tape. Now all you need is the hat!


To grab the worker hat, head to the bar next to where the robot is sleeping on the sofa. In the back you will find a sleeping robot. Jump on the shelf and knock the crate on his head. Of the, go back to the hologram in the center of town and jump into the box right next to the hat shop.

The robot will follow you there and pause to let you in if you can’t see it initially. This the robot will then transport you to the hat shop, allowing you to steal it from the shop window.

You can now continue with the main objective and infiltrate the facility!

As you have the Worker Hat and Worker Jacket in Stray, you can now work to complete the game before reaching the end. But, if you’re planning on going back and picking up everything you missed with Chapter Select, be sure to check out our Stray Walkthrough for more guides and collectibles.