Viaterra Spencer Jacket and Pants Product Review: Introduction

Protection. Comfort. Weight gain. These primary requirements can easily be seen on this jacket. First of all, the safety aspect is taken care of in two ways: the fitted design and level 2 armours. The idea behind the Focus Fit innovation is to build a jacket that allows the material to sit close from the body. Thanks to this route, the armors will also sit close to the body and in the event of an accident, the armors are there to take the hits. Now the second aspect – armors. Well, the jacket comes equipped with a pair of shoulder and elbow armor as well as a back protector. All of them are level 2 Sas-Tec armors with interesting designs, which we’ll get to a bit later. The company also offers an optional chest protector. Here they offer level 1 as well as level 2 protectors. Additionally, the jacket is made from Cordura 66 nylon – a material known to have high levels of abrasion and tear resistance.

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Now coming to comfort, the Spencer has mesh panels that have been fitted in places to maximize airflow. There is one on the chest, one on the back and two on the arms. These suits should support the overall ventilation well during the summer peak. Sas-Tec armors also have a ventilated design. And that should increase overall comfort.

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When you combine the special armors and the fabric that was used to make the Spencer, the overall weight of the jacket comes in at some impressive numbers – 1.9kg to be precise. This weight allows Viaterra to claim the Spencer as the lightest L2 jacket on the market. The nearest rival weighs 800g more.

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There are a few extra additions that make the Spencer a bit more appealing than the rest. These include things like a waterproof mobile pocket and an extremely unconventional pocket design, but one that’s supposed to provide easy access when seated on a bike. There is also a trouser connector.