Viaterra Spencer Jacket and Pants Product Review: 3 Months Update

The first thing I liked about the Spencer was its breathability. The gear was used during Mumbai’s peak traffic and the famous summer, but the overall feel and irritation that comes with wearing a riding jacket and breeches was minimal. Credit goes to those large mesh panels that have been placed on the chest, arms and back. These panels maximized airflow even when riding in rush hour traffic when the average speed is considerably lower. In fact, the overall feel got even better on an empty stretch when you have the option to open the throttle.

Hero Honda CBZ Gold three quarter front left

Let’s come to the second aspect – the fit. For the past few years I’ve used gear with a bit of a loose fit and armor that didn’t completely touch the body. But thanks to the Focus Fit design approach, Spencer’s fit is tight and the weaves fit extremely close to the body. It is the same for the jacket as well as for the pants. Placing armor in this way is important because, in the event of a fall, these armors absorb the impact and do not allow it to pass entirely through the rider’s body. That’s why the jacket and pants were so nice to use.

Hero Honda CBZ Gold Front View

Now the Spencer jacket has a weird pocket design. Most of the jackets on the market have end pockets on each side whereas on the Spencer the pockets are placed near the middle section and I loved it. Why? I don’t have to stretch my arms out to the side to pull out my wallet or my phone. I think these pocket designs have a high risk of dropping items as they are barely visible when wearing the headset. I have used Spencer’s pockets many times and there is a sense of security with them. Here you have to use the right hand to access the left pocket and the left hand for the right pocket. Also, the waterproof phone pocket performed well in light to moderate rain. But I didn’t have a chance to use the equipment in heavy rain.

Hero Honda CBZ Gold Front View

When I first started using the Spencer gear I was in the gain phase, which meant I was a bit heavier. But since then I have lost 4kg and my body is leaner now, and I still wear the gear because of its adjustability. The jacket and the pants have suspenders which can be adjusted according to the morphology of the rider. It’s an extremely useful feature and I’m in love with it. The Sas-Tec armors are also quite flexible, allowing me to remove and reinstall them easily. I tend to wash my gear fortnightly and this will allow me to spend as little time after washing.