This Halo Infinite Jacket Is Sweet, But There’s A Problem

SuperGroupies Halo Infinite Jacket Prints

Last fall, the SuperGroupies announced that they would be releasing a few officially licensed Halo Infinite gear. It’s no surprise that this new collection is specifically dedicated to the big man himself, Master Chief. The collection includes a watch, jacket, backpack and wallet. While the equipment was announced last year; unfortunately, it wasn’t released until well after Infinite was released. Either way, the wait is over and this sleek assortment of Halo gear has arrived. I had the opportunity to check the jacket and although there is no doubt that it is a good quality coat, it is a pity that the size seems incorrect and that it is much smaller than what I expected I expected.

This is definitely a word of warning for potential buyers. If you plan to purchase the Halo Jacket, order a size up. Maybe even two sizes up. All that being said, it’s a nice jacket. Like other SuperGroupies video game products, there’s nothing tacky or gimmicky about the jacket. The material seems of excellent quality, and I love all the little details.

The overall design is inspired by Master Chief’s armor and its color scheme. It features Halo’s trademark olive green with pops of black and bright orange. As you can see from the image below, it looks sharp and you won’t feel awkward at all wearing what is essentially a video game jacket.

Halo Jacket

The Master Chief’s Spartan number “117” is printed on the left side of the chest. This is similar to the location of his “117” on his armor. The arm pocket zipper is made of an iridescent orange fabric inspired by the visor of the Master Chief’s helmet. It also features the UNSC logo and a ring, which is a subtle reference to the Halo ring. The arm pocket is a nice addition as it’s a great place to store your cell phone while on the go.

The jacket has a nicely sized hood, which is removable via a zipper. It features stitched patterns reminiscent of the Master Chief’s helmet design. It’s very subtle and I would never have noticed it if I hadn’t done some research beforehand.

Halo Jacket

It is also surprisingly light. The pictures make it look a bit bulky and heavy, but that’s not the case at all. He feels good. I just wish I had ordered a size larger so I could zip it up.

All in all, I have no problem recommending the jacket to hardcore Halo fans looking for a good quality, stylish cold weather jacket. Admittedly, the MSRP of US$230.00 is high and you’ll have to order a size up or two. Still, if you’re okay with the price and potential sizing issues, the jacket is a nice way to salute Xbox’s most iconic video game character.

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