The Lady Danbury of Bridgerton actor wore a jacket and tie to school in the Cotswolds every day to look ‘stoosh’

Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh wore her version of a school uniform every day even though her Cotswolds primary didn’t have one because she wanted to look ‘stoosh’ The 59-year-old actress who plays Lady Danbury says that She has always loved masculine style tailoring and has several men’s suits in her wardrobe.

The actress says her love of the “stoosh” look, slang for classy, ​​snobby, classy or elegant, began at the age of eight in Wickwar in Gloucestershire in the 1970s. Before attending Katharine Lady’s school Berkeley, Stroud began copying her father’s 1950s couture.

‘At school I wore a gray pleated skirt, tie and blazer every day – and we didn’t even have a uniform,’ she told the Telegraph in an interview about Bridgerton’s suits . “I like to look stupid. »

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The mum-of-three recently ordered some suits from The Deck, Savile Row’s only tailor that caters specifically to women, and recently told another interviewer: “I walk around incognito – I dress like a guy and I have short hair, so I rarely get recognized. But two girls spotted me in John Lewis and said, ‘It’s the eyebrows! Eyebrows !”.”

Now her love of tailoring has seeped into the character of Lady Danbury who wears frock coats and carries a cane. She said the attention to detail with the corsets and other costumes really helps the actors understand their characters on the hit Netflix show.

She dismisses critics who quibble about authenticity and says costumers tracked down tiny felt makers in Spain, made sure the buttons were genuine and hired a top corset-maker who had worked with designers and artists. famous for their efforts. “Netflix threw the kitchen sink on it,” said the actor, who studied law in Bristol and is married to lecturer Howard Cunnell.

“It’s breathtaking. A big thank you to the designers, because half the performance is whether you feel good in the clothes – especially for someone like Lady Danbury, who dresses so intentionally. The clothes are his weapon of choice.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 13: Adjoa Andoh attends British Vogue And Tiffany & Co. Celebrate Fashion And Film at Annabel’s on March 13, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

She learned not to eat anything starchy or loosen corsets during lunch because they struggle to get back together afterwards and says the series gave her insight into why women put up with such restrictive clothing.

She said: “We are appalled at the restrictive and oppressive customs of other cultures, but hello, lacing up in a corset? Women’s organs have changed. And women wore them when they were pregnant.

“Youth and looks were commonplace even more than they are today. If corsets gave you more, then of course you wore one.”

Bridgerton was so successful that it made Regencycore all the rage, but she doesn’t want to speculate on her appearing in a future series (even though Lady Danbury is in all eight novels). But it brought him fame.

But it seems no matter what happens to the show, as the actor who worked at Lloyds in Wotton-under-Edge after sixth grade once said: “When my three children, Jesse, Daisy and Liam, and my grandson have a good day, and my parents and my mother-in-law are fine, I’m happy.”

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