Salewa Sarner 2L Wool Hooded Jacket Review

So I think wool is cool. I’m a generation away from my Basque shepherd ancestors, which means I love sheep and appreciate beautiful woolen textiles. Wool is an excellent material for outdoor gear because it insulates when wet and is durable at source. Salewa Sarner 2L is a full-zip lifestyle hoodie that doesn’t shy away from being fashion-forward.

Salewa Warner 2L Wool Hooded Jacket Features:

  • Preformed hood
  • 2 external zipped pockets
  • “Raw cut” clothing
  • Sarner Softshell: traditional knit (inside out) bonded to soft jersey
  • 100% of the wool used in this garment is recycled.
  • Weight: 900g
  • Material: Knitted wool Sarner 2L 500g/m² (50% Virgin Wool / 20% Polyamide / 28% Viscose (Rayon) / 2% Elastane)
  • Made in Italy
  • MSRP: $349
The perfect jacket from car to trailhead, if not from trailhead to summit

Don’t be sheepish for a great wool jacket:

So in the intro, I called it a “lifestyle” jacket. You can take this with a grain of salt. Salewa manufactures very good technical equipment that is light, durable and efficient. The Sarner 2L is a great piece, but it’s heavy and not particularly breathable for my taste. That makes it ideal for activities like strolling around town, doing chores in the yard, or sipping a latte while staring sullenly out a rain-streaked window. But at 900g (nearly two pounds!), it’s something I would never consider throwing in my bag on a day when I plan to exercise.

Salewa’s Sarner 2L harkens back to the days of outerwear, when the windproof and water-repellent properties of wool were prized. The Sarner 2L preserves these qualities in a soft, stretchy outer weave that’s bonded to a soft synthetic inner lining (hence the 2L). It’s visually striking, with raw edges at the cuffs, hem and around the hood. The wool blend, which is mixed with nylon, rayon and elastane, is pleasantly stretchy and not particularly itchy like the wool products of yesteryear.

Salewa Sarner 2L Wool Hooded Jacket Review
Comfortable pocket liners are a huge plus

For my testing, I tended to wear the Sarner 2L for activities where I didn’t intend to sweat. The heavyweight fabric is warm and totally up to the challenge of fending off the raw spring winds, and it was perfect with a lightweight base layer underneath. Features like soft pocket liners add real comfort on cold rides or doing chores. The two zippered hand pockets also provide security for car keys and the like. If you wanted to sweat in there, the fabric has natural anti-odor properties, which is awesome. I love the four way stretch, which moves very well with your body. It’s a reasonably snug fit, but the four-way stretch keeps it from feeling too intrusive.

Salewa has integrated a fitted hood that encloses the head well. It’s not compatible with a helmet or anything like that, but I could wear a cap underneath without feeling rushed. There are no elastic adjustments, so I sometimes had trouble looking side to side while the hood stayed straight ahead. One of the benefits of the design is a high, fitted collar that closes nicely around the neck when zipped up. On that note, Salewa chose a strong, well-made zipper and slider that pulls easily and feels durable.

Salewa Sarner 2L Wool Hooded Jacket Review
Love the wide zipper for durability and ease of use


  • Fun and functional fabric with eco-friendly sourcing
  • Strong, easy-pull zippers will last a long time
  • Four-way stretch dramatically improves comfort
  • Windproof and waterproof properties make recycled wool a winner

The bad

  • The hood does not follow the movements of the head well
  • 900g weight keeps it from being my go-to active wearer

The Bottom Line: Salewa Warner 2L Wool Hooded Jacket

Salewa has done a great job creating a visually striking and materially innovative piece with the Sarner 2L. I love how they combined recycled wool with modern synthetics and a soft backing to create a fabric that maximizes the functionality of wool and avoids some of the pitfalls of old fabric. Potential users should be aware that this is a heavy piece, with heavy but durable fabric and accents; but for the right person, it could be a heirloom piece that lasts for years.

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