REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket Review

Rev’It! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket Review Summary

Summary of Comments

The REV’IT! The Torque 2 H2O Jacket is a mesh jacket with a waterproof Hydratex G lining. It is very well designed and built with quality materials. The fit is very relaxed and with the windproof panel it can be worn in any weather. It is rated A EN 17092 and comes with very soft Seesmart CE1 armours.


More elegant than the previous version

The Hydrotex G waterproof liner is efficient and comfortable

Portable in a range of temperatures

Adjusting the fit

Quality materials and construction

Seesmart flexible protectors for shoulders and elbows included

Well thought out design

The inconvenients

No waterproof pocket

No back protector insert included

When thinking of San Diego, California, people imagine a beach town with a mild climate that is consistently 70°F throughout the year. That’s not too far from the truth, but we also have mountains and deserts to the east where the weather is very different from the waterfront. If you’re riding from the coastal area to the desert on a summer day, the temperature can vary wildly from 65°F to 110°F. This justifies that I have five riding jackets for different temperatures (or so I say my wallet!).

When I received the REV’IT! Torque 2 H2O Jacket For this review in late spring/early summer, we had perfect weather here to ride wearing just about any jacket. But the Torque 2 H2O is a mesh jacket intended for summer rides, even if summer in Holland, where REV’IT! is, maybe not so hot. Testing in the coastal climate of San Diego would be of limited value.

To test the jacket in a warmer climate, I took a road trip to Apache Junction, AZ, where temperatures easily reach 100°F. It was just over 400 miles, about seven hours on my VFR800 to get there. And the temperature fluctuation didn’t disappoint; it started from the coast of San Diego at 60°F and ended in the desert at 103°F. On top of that, I encountered some rain on the way. So I can safely say that I used the jacket in almost all weather conditions except sleet and snow for this review!

REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket

Rev'It!  Torque 2 H20 Neck

The outer shell is 100% polyester. 3D jacquard mesh is used on the chest panels, under and inside the arms and on the back panel. Other areas are made from durable 600D polyester, which isn’t as thick or stiff as Cordura and is perfect for a lightweight, warm jacket like the Torque 2 H2O.

The removable waterproof liner is coated with Hydratex. I love that the inside of this liner is a mesh fabric that won’t cling to your skin even when you sweat. The collar is microfiber on the inside and the brim has soft neoprene piping.

REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket

Solid. This is how I describe the construction of this jacket. The stitching is uniform and neat. I actually tried to find any unintended openings to check the back of the outer shell, but all hems and seams are neatly sewn.

It is expected that a well-established company like REV’IT! to have reasonable quality control, but this is not always the case. I appreciate that REV’IT! cares about the small details of its products.

REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket Design

Rev'It!  Torque 2 H20
Image via: Revit

Outer shell of REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket

The previous version of the Torque Jacket had patterns on the 600D fabric. I love flashy clothes, but it wasn’t to my taste, especially the pink one. Instead, the new Torque 2 has a woven pattern on the mesh. As a result, it is more subtle and looks more sophisticated.

The jacket has two concealed waist pockets and an inside right chest pocket.

More often than not, those side pockets are too small for mid-size smartphones (or rather, smartphones are just too gigantic to carry these days) with most jackets you buy to ride. Heck, even if I manage to close them, I can hardly put anything else inside. So I was so happy to find that the Torque 2’s storage pockets are large enough to store my phone, keys, earplugs, and other items I’d like to keep close at hand.

One disappointment is that none of these pockets are waterproof. I expected at least one to be waterproof. But, I guess nothing can be perfect.

The front zipper is with large teeth and very resistant. Its handle measures almost an inch wide (2.2 cm) and is very easy to manipulate with a gloved hand. Likewise, the zipper on the concealed pockets has a code with dipped ends, which makes it easier to open or close the pockets. I think it’s a small detail but very well thought out.

Rev'It!  Couple 2 H20 Damper in V

Having the V-flap and velcro closure on the cuff is a great idea for a versatile jacket like the Torque 2 as the velcro closure is obviously much more adjustable than the standard zip or snaps. I liked that I could zip it up tighter to have the cuffed glove on the sleeve when riding in the rain or keep it looser to have more airflow in hot weather.

That said, I was happy that REV’IT! used the snap button instead of the velcro on the neck closure. I have a jacket with velcro on the neck, and it’s super annoying that the helmet straps always get caught on it. Again, the well-thought-out design of this product is highly appreciated.

Interior lining of REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket

Rev'It!  Torque 2 H20 Hydratex G Liner

The removable Hydratex G liner is waterproof and very windproof. Unfortunately, or fortunately for testing purposes, I encountered rain and cold wind on the way to AZ, with temperatures probably in the 50s. But the liner kept me dry and warm. comfortable, even if the jacket lets in a lot of air.

It is secured mainly by three snaps on each side on the front instead of the ubiquitous zippers. Plus, two tabs with snaps on the sleeves are color coded, which is a really nice touch. This means the sleeves can be attached correctly without trial and error.

Above the front zipper of the liner is a windproof panel which works wonderfully. It is double and holds air and water very efficiently. At first I thought it was cumbersome that the panel had five velcros to close. But as I put more miles on the jacket in different temperatures, I came to appreciate the effectiveness of the panel and liner, which add so much more versatility to the jacket. Well done!

REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket Sizing

Rev'It Site Size Chart

I usually wear an XS-S or 36-40 jacket, depending on the model or brand, and the Torque 2 H2O size 36 fits me well. The cut is a tour cut, which is very relaxed and does not restrict body movement. Even with the back protector and shoulder pads it feels slightly roomier than my size 40 Dainese jacket.

Rev'It!  Waist Torque 2 H20 Adjustable strap

It has an adjustable strap with velcro at the waist and a tab with a press stud on the upper arms to adjust the fit. During the road trip I used these tabs to tighten the fit more often than I expected. When I rode for a long time on the highway or in a very windy area of ​​the desert, the jacket fluttered much less in the wind and made the ride more comfortable.

Only one of my other five jackets has this fit on the arms. I was pleasantly surprised by its usefulness.

REV’IT! Torque 2 H2O Women’s Ventilation Jacket

The large 3D jacquard mesh panels on the chest and back and the relaxed fit of the jacket allow high air circulation. In Arizona, as long as traffic was moving at a reasonable speed, I didn’t sweat too much; the jacket definitely does what it’s supposed to do. But when you’re riding in 100°F+ weather, it’s hot no matter what.

What intrigued me the most about this jacket was the lining’s ability to keep me warm in cooler temperatures despite the airflow. I was comfortable riding at highway speeds up to 50 degrees with the Hydratex G liner. Considering how thin the liner is, it’s pretty impressive in my book.

This versatility makes the Torque 2 a great choice for commuting during slightly chilly morning commutes and warmer afternoon commutes.

REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Protective Jacket

Armor in the Rev'It Torque 2 H20 Women's Jacket

The Torque 2 H2O is classified A with the EN 17092 standard. Seesmart CE level 1 shoulder and elbow protectors are included. These armor pads are very flexible and the structure of the armor allows air to flow freely, making it perfect for a warm weather jacket.

Perforated inner lining of the Rev'It Torque 2 H20 women's jacket

The jacket has a pocket for an optional Seesoft CE level 2 back protector insert. It would have been nicer to have had back protection. But at least REV’IT! please put a small label on the edge of the pocket stating what size back protector you should get for the particular jacket size. So there is no need to guess.

Rev'It Torque 2 H20 Women's Jacket Shoulder

The jacket also features laminated reflectors on the back, chest and upper arms for added visibility.

Final verdict on the REV’IT! Women’s Torque 2 H2O Jacket

Rev'It!  Torque 2 H2O women's jacket with back protector insert.

Since the road trip, this jacket has been my favorite warm and cool weather jacket. It performed well in the 100°F heat and kept me warm in the cold rain. Honestly, I was very impressed. Not only does it look stylish, but the features are also well thought out and functional. Its construction is solid with quality materials.

The removable Hydratex G liner and its windproof panel are very effective and allow me to ride in changeable weather without having to pack an extra jacket. It’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t have waterproof pockets. Either way, it’s highly recommended.


  • Maker: REV’IT!
  • Price: $259.99
  • Made in: Bangladesh
  • Sizes: Women 34-46
  • Colors: Black, Black & Charcoal, Black & Light Gray
  • Safety designations: Shoulder and elbow protectors EN 17092 Class A, CE 1

Revision date: July 2022