Rev’it Trench GTX Review: A Versatile Motorcycle Jacket

Finding the right safety gear for riding is tough. On the one hand, you have gear that protects you but makes you look like a traffic cone. On the other hand, you have things that may look better but give you protection on par with a pair of cargo shorts and flip flops.

What’s great about the Rev’it Trench GTX is that it manages to strike a balance between the two while providing adaptability from season to season. Doing both of those things well (looking neat and performing well for most of the year) is why we named it our top pick in our guide to the best motorcycle jackets.

That said, the Rev’it Trench GTX is not without its drawbacks. Before you pull the trigger on this essential piece of riding gear, it’s worth looking into a little more detail about what it does and doesn’t do well.

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What’s Good About the Rev’it Trench Motorcycle Jacket

It’s versatile

When it comes to tackling the elements, the jacket features a laminated Gore-Tex exterior on its 400D nylon shell to repel water, a venting system in the chest area and on the level gussets of the shoulder to keep air moving on the road. , and a removable liner for added warmth in colder seasons.

As far as safety is concerned, the jacket does a good job with its CE-2 rated elbow and shoulder protection (a slot is available to add a back protector element, although one is not included), and its graded nylon slide shell and hooks along jacket hem and arm to ensure jacket does not ride up during a slide.

The real question of whether or not this is the right jacket for you comes down to two things; if you like the fit and warmth where you live.

It’s fine (at least for me)

I’m 5’10” and about 180 pounds, and this jacket’s size fits me well. It fitted snugly around the chest and shoulders but didn’t feel tight. The fit is more athletic than boxy, but can be made even more snug around the waist with some straps along the back and forearms with a few straps and the velcro closures at the armholes.If you are taller along the chest and stomach you may want to -be aware of this before buying.

As far as the fit felt on the road and in the saddle, this jacket felt great. I could easily extend my arms to the handlebars and felt reassured that my lower back was covered thanks to the extended lower back hem.

It’s very protective

I was lucky enough not to test the full protective capabilities of this jacket while riding in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Suffice it to say, the Trench GTX would have helped me if I needed it. Coming with CE-2 armor on the shoulders and elbows and 400D shell, the jacket is ready for tough protection right out of the box. Straps along the forearms and zippers along the hem to connect to the riding pants will prevent him from getting up during a slide. Additional slots for back and chest protectors provide added protection.

It works for a wide range of temperatures…

Along the front, the jacket has two panels which can be zipped to reveal a mesh front. This mesh front is designed to let in air and moisture, ideal for riding in hot but humid weather. Along the back there are also two zippered vents near the shoulders which allow air to pass through the jacket from the front to the back. Those four vents, combined with the breathable Gore-Tex, make for a solid option.

Riding around town in this jacket during the summer, I could definitely feel the front and back vents keeping me cool. The optional zipped ventilation, combined with the jacket’s removable insulation, means that when the temperature drops and the weather starts to get a little wetter, you don’t need to change jackets.

What is not ideal with the Rev’it Trench GTX

… but it’s not quite suitable for summer

Despite the possibility of removing the inner lining and the noticeable ventilation in the front and back of the jacket, it is not an ideal jacket all year round. For those who live in warmer climates, I see this as an ideal 3 season jacket for spring, fall and winter.

While the ventilation available on this jacket is helpful when riding around town in the summer, it’s not quite enough to make it really strong for summer riding. A simple addition like vents on the forearms could make a big difference here.

The Rev’It Trench GTX motorcycle jacket: the verdict

If you live anywhere in the world where temperatures exceed 80°F and humidity above 70% is common during the summer, think twice about purchasing this year-round jacket. If you only need a three-season model, or if you live somewhere a little more cooky, Rev’It’s Trench GTX is a damn good choice. It’s got great looks, a solid fit, thoughtful ventilation, and versatility to adapt to season and weather, all for a great price.

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