Review of the Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket and Pants [Horizon Line Test]

I spent many Saturdays on the Ultimate motorcycling Project Yamaha Ténéré 700 Road bike to off-road locations for scenic rides in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. This meant riding during wet seasons and warmer periods, with wide temperature ranges. My days of adventure can start in the 40s and end in the 80s. It takes really flexible riding gear to adapt to 40-degree variations in temperature. I don’t want to spend all my energy shivering on the freeway on the way out, or overheating on the freeway on the way home.Tourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant review: For saleIn Oregon, I experience riding three seasons in one day. When it starts to rain, the idea of ​​being wet and cold crosses my mind. Luckily, the waterproof layer of the Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket ($240) and Pants ($190) — part of the brand’s Horizon line — kept me dry and comfortable. The Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket is ready for the weather we ride in. Against the base layer of your choice is a zipped thermal vest liner with a smartphone pocket large enough to hold my 7.2 x 3.6 x 1.2 inch Garmin Montana 700i GPS. Conveniently, each of the three layers has the same huge smartphone pocket on the inside right side.Tourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant review: PriceThe thermal vest liner wasn’t warm enough for me in 48 degrees on the highway behind the Ténéré 700’s small windshield. Tourmaster added a featherweight Riessa fabric, long-sleeved zip layer that is windproof and waterproof, yet breathable. Keeping the wind at 48 degrees helps, but the cold ends up transferring from layer to layer. So, I stopped to put on a fleece that I can always count on as an extra layer. The Ridgecrest Jacket has eight (yes, eight) exterior pockets on its front panels, with an interior 7×7 inch pocket on the left and another large phone pocket inside on the right. I like to eat on the trail, so I found that each of the two front cargo-style pockets can fit a six-inch sub sandwich and a small bag of chips (if you let the air out of the bag) or two half-litre bottles of water.Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket and Pant Review: MSRPWith lunch and hydration taken care of, there are still two flat zip pockets outside the cargo pockets, two zip vest pockets and two zip hand pockets below the cargo pockets, which is a lot of front pocket space. There are two substantial kangaroo style pockets on the lower back. There I stuffed a waterproof liner, a thermal vest, a baseball cap and a bathing suit – really, all of which fit in the back pockets. The Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket is designed for comfort in the riding position. I am just under 5ft 10in and wear loose fitting men’s shirts and jackets; a 46R suit jacket fits me all right. With my arms outstretched, the ends of the microfiber cuff were about an inch forward of my wrist, perfect for fitting over light or medium gloves.Tourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant review: Motorcycle adventureTourmaster paid attention to the small details of the Ridgecrest jacket. An example is the extra-long hook-and-loop straps to secure the cuffs securely around the narrowest of wrists. Another small element is the cuff zippers for the mesh gussets; they are ideally placed for one-handed use. The neck closure strap hooks securely out of the way with just one hand. Generous hook-and-loop waistbands offer a wide range of adjustability and are attached to a hidden elastic panel for ease of movement. When I discovered all the features of the Horizon Line Ridgecrest Jacket, I realized I couldn’t think of anything missing on this three-season adventure jacket. Along with comfort and storage, tough 1000D reinforced materials are used in the places we all hope we never need. Areas not prone to abrasion are either stretch panels or high airflow mesh. There are reflective accents on the chest, arms and back. I love the two-way YKK front zipper that eliminates the binding at the waist but the zipper above. Attached to the bottom seam on the left side is a TPS carabiner loop. There is an 8 inch zipper in the back that can connect to the matching Ridgecrest pants.Tourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant review: Safe Tech back protectorThere is removable CE Level 2 armor in the shoulders and elbows, and non-protective padding in the back. Luckily, the inside pocket on the inside back of the jacket has room for a size Large, CE Level 2 Safe Tech back protector, which I opted for. Priced at $20 and available from Tourmaster’s sister brand, Cortech, it’s an essential safety investment. Installed in its mesh pocket, I feel it’s there if that’s the only thing on my mind. I quickly forget it as soon as I start riding. The Safe Tech back protector has 10 ventilation slots and is positioned high enough not to touch your motorcycle saddle. The back cushion is made of soft-touch Viscoflex polyurethane memory foam. When an impact occurs, it hardens, dispersing the energy over a larger area. If your motorcycle has a backrest, the Safe Tech back protectors will push you forward approximately three-quarters of an inchTourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant review: CE level 2 armorThe matching Tourmaster Ridgecrest pants from the Horizon line look great on me. I wear 34×30 jeans. The Large Ridgecrest pant size is 36×32, which gives me the extra room for a base layer, if needed. The first three inches of the waistband are elasticated to automatically adjust when standing or sitting. The back of the pants goes up to offer you additional protection against rain or cold seeping in through the bottom of your jacket. There is an eight inch zipper in the back to attach to your Ridgecrest jacket, and a much longer one to connect to older style Tourmaster jackets.The belt adjusters can squeeze the Tourmaster Ridgecrest pant waist up to about 30 inches – kudos on an amazing weight loss if you need such an adjustment. There are two deep zippered hand pockets, as well as a pair of flap and zippered cargo pockets in the front. The knees and seat are 1000D Honeycomb ripstop, with the rest being 600D polyester or high-flow mesh. There is extra fabric in the body section of the pants, so I consulted a clothing designer to find out why. The expert explained that you need that extra fabric if you totally stuff the hand pockets and cargo pockets. If you don’t have much in the pant storage, then you’ll have the extra fabric look of textile jodhpurs.When you don’t want the weather hitting your skin directly, the Reissa zippered, breathable and waterproof liner is there to protect you from the elements. I can feel the Reissa slipper against my skin which is comfortable. Also, it allows me to grab the tank with my knees. I will upgrade the quarter inch thick foam pads in the hips to the Safe Tech Hip Armor for $13 a pair.Tourmaster Switchback gloves test: for saleThere are no Tourmaster Ridgecrest gloves, so I opted for the Tourmaster Switchback gloves from the Horizon line for warm weather adventure. There’s a lot of smart design and materials in these comfortable $40 gloves. Finger and palm grip area is pre-curved soft goatskin. The uppers are high airflow mesh with TPR impact guards at all impact points that I’ve hit at one point or another with brush, branches and the ground.Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket and Pant Review: MSRPBetween the top and bottom of the fingers of the Tourmaster Switchback gloves is an ultra-stretch and breathable Lycra. This allows for a perfect fit of the entire glove, with no gaps. Thumb and index finger have touch screen tips. The index finger is good for swiping, and the tip of the thumb works great for touching individual points, such as pin codes and characters on the screen keyboard. I use a Crampbuster CB1 while cruising, and the padded palm heel point sits perfectly on it. They are really comfortable all day long.Tourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant review: PriceI’ve hiked the most technical trails I’ve tried on the Ultimate motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike carrying the entire Horizon range. The three Tourmaster Horizon Line items I tested fit well, work well, look good, and are priced to capture the attention of the three-season rider. The liners will protect you from cold and rain, but the gear shines the most for summer riding. While providing multi-point protection, the airflow through the Tourmaster Ridgecrest jacket and pant is terrific.Tourmaster products are well known for their durability, functionality and competitive pricing. The designers have brought it all together in the extensive, thoughtful Horizon line, which includes many women’s versions of the garment. As we publish this review, everything in the Horizon line is 20% off on the Helmet House website, making great value apparel an even better deal.Tourmaster Ridgecrest Jacket Highlights

  • Sizes: Small – 4XL Large (14 sizes)
  • Colors: Black; high visibility; Marine; The sand
  • Price: $240 MSRP

Tourmaster Ridgecrest Pant Highlights

  • Sizes: Small – 4X-Large; Size Medium – 3XL tall; Medium Short – 3XL Short
  • Colors: Black; Sand Gray
  • Price: $190 MSRP

Tourmaster Switchback Glove Highlights

  • Sizes: Small – 4X-Large
  • Colors: Black; Grey; Red
  • Price: $40 MSRP