Review: Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket

The Altura Nightvision Electron men’s jacket is a great waterproof option for urban commuting. With two light strips on the shoulders and all the way down the back, the jacket makes it easy to see from the back and sides, and they last long enough for many commuters before the compact power bank needs a break. be recharged. Waterproofing and breathability are both good and it’s a very comfortable jacket to wear, but you can get waterproofing and visibility for a lot less money.

Typically, on winter mornings when I’m in the office, I put on my office attire, grab a casual, non-cycling-specific jacket, and set off for the 90% downhill to get to work. As soon as the descent begins I remember why a cycling specific jacket is actually a really good idea as the lower back and wrists start to freeze.

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The Nightvision Electron is a thin, waterproof, windproof and surprisingly warm jacket that has a perfect fit for use on bikes with more upright riding positions. Little touches like a soft, fleece-lined collar make it really comfortable and the clever placement of the reflective pattern on the cuffs and light strips should really help with visibility.

Speaking of which…the battery powered fiber optic light strips running from the shoulders to the back of the jacket are the main features of this jacket.

There is no number provided to indicate how bright the lights are, but I would put this in the additional category, like a turn signal that you attach to a backpack. The lights are well positioned for side and rear visibility, and the distinctive flashing mode is noticeable, but you will still, by law, need a rear light fitted to your bike – and I would still seek to provide that the main part of my “Please see me” strategy.

The positioning of the bands not only means that they are not hindered by a backpack, but that the jacket is also comfortable to wear when said bag is fully loaded. I had no issues with my 30L backpack from CamelBak, so the jacket should work well with most models.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - shoulders.jpg

The lights are powered by a 250mAh external battery that’s about the size of a small smartphone. It lives in the left pocket, making it super easy to access when you need to turn your jacket on (can’t believe I typed that) or when you need to recharge.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - hem.jpg

Altura says the jacket will last up to 50 hours before the battery needs recharging, but there’s a simple LED indicator on the battery to show an approximate percentage of charge remaining.

With the powerbank connected by a double-sided USB cable, it’s really easy to take out of the pocket for quick charging. I would have liked to see the powerbank have its own zipped pocket in this left pocket. It would have stored it a little better.

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There’s more to love inside the jacket. Altura has lined the front and sides with a fine fleece. For me, it provides just enough insulation to keep me comfortably warm while riding. Anything thicker inside the windproof exterior would have been too warm for a lot of times outside of the coldest winter days, especially with the huge hill I have to climb in the way return. This means the jacket isn’t too thick to wear during the rest of the year when commuting to and from work can still be in less than perfect light.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - lining.jpg

The back panel of the jacket has been left free of this fleece, the idea being that many riders will use a backpack and isolate themselves from it. As a backpack wearer, I find this a welcome omission.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - tail.jpg

The fit is well balanced, with a relaxed fit that isn’t too baggy. Layering this over a chunky sweater or hoodie, for example, is easy.

Altura Nightvision Electron 2022 jacket - front pockets.jpg

The arms have a lot of length, which makes it very easy to combine this jacket with gloves. On really cold days, Velcro tabs on the cuffs let you close gaps and keep pesky cold air out.

Altura Nightvision Electron 2022 Jacket - velcro cuff.jpg

With a waterproof rating of 10K, the jacket should be able to withstand heavy rain, and while I’ve managed to dodge heavier downpours thanks to being in the office a bit over the last month, I Subjected the jacket to a sustained garden hose test. He had no trouble keeping that out of the way. The detachable hood is also practical and can be stored in the collar.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - hood.jpg

Breathability is something I can test properly. While my commute is a roll down hill, the ride home, even on an e-bike, is a peak heart rate effort. The jacket didn’t leave me sweating buckets, although milder temps would be the limit of where I would want to use this jacket for my commute. For comparison, I found this better for climbing hills than Shimano’s Transit Hardshell.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - zip detail.jpg

My only real complaint is the price: for £190 you could almost get two Proviz Reflect360 jackets, or just one Reflect360 with a powerful rear bike light and turn signal to strap to your backpack. The Proviz is great at adding visibility when car headlights hit its reflective surface, but it has to be said that the Altura’s light strips are better at making you visible to pedestrians from the side.

Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket 2022 - drop.jpg

There’s also the Galibier Courchevel Storm Jacket to consider, for £92.40. It offers a huge amount of wet weather performance for a lot less money.

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That said, the Altura Electron is certainly not the most expensive on the market: Rapha Hooded Rain Jacketfor example, is £230.

All things considered, the Altura Nightvision Electron is a great commuter jacket to add visibility on the way to and from work. Waterproofing is excellent and breathability is good too. The lights are well positioned, and with the compact and easy-to-recharge power bank, it’s easy-going tech. Keep in mind, however, that there are great jackets out there that help with visibility at much lower prices.


Waterproof, good breathability and comfortable fit, and lights add visibility

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Brand and model : Altura Nightvision Electron Jacket

Tell us what the jacket is for and who it is for. What are the builders saying? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

D’Altura: “Take our Nightvision line to the next level with our new Electron Jacket. Cleverly designed incorporating our SCILIF lighting system with an external rechargeable battery, which can be easily removed for washing so you can keep your jack looking like new.

“The Electron Jacket has excellent 10k/10k waterproof and breathability ratings. Reflective panels and fleece-lined front and side panels provide extra visibility and core warmth during winter rides. Zippered chest pockets and hands allow you to carry those essentials safely and the jacket hood can be discreetly stowed making it a very innovative and versatile addition to the Nightvision commuter range.

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the jacket?

From Altura:

– SCILIF lighting system with SCILIF rechargeable powerbank included

– Taped seams

– 10k / 10k waterproof and breathable

– Durable water repellent finish

– Reflective panels

– Fleece lined front and sides

– Zipped chest pocket and two zipped hand pockets

– Stowable hood

– Cuff adjusters

– Relaxed fit

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Is the jacket easy to maintain? How did it react to the wash?

Mud splashes wipe off with a damp cloth.

Tell us how the jacket performed overall when used as intended

Protected me from cold and rain and improved visibility.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the jacket

The light strips are well placed so as not to interfere with your backpack, it is simply a very pleasant jacket to wear.

Tell us what you particularly hated about the jacket

The cost of adding lights is significant and puts this jacket at double the price of some excellent rivals.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

It’s quite expensive: £190 will almost get you two of Proviz’s Reflect360 jackets, while the Galibier Courchevel Storm jacket costs £92.40. Rapha’s hooded rain jacket, however, costs £230.

Did you enjoy using the jacket? Yes

Would you consider buying the jacket? Maybe, although I should probably go with a cheaper option.

Would you recommend the jacket to a friend? Yes

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It’s very good: protects against bad weather and facilitates visibility. The fit is very good and the lights are well positioned. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

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