Resident Evil 4 Remake teaser warning reveals Leon’s jacket is available to buy online

If you admired Leon Kennedy’s bomber jacket from the new Resident Evil 4 remake, I have good news: it’s available to buy online.

Capcom’s reimagined version of survival horror classic Resident Evil 4 kicked off yesterday’s State of Play showcase with an eye-catching trailer, with a release date of March 24, 2023.

The reveal teaser also included something else: a disclaimer, stating that “Leon’s brown sheepskin bomber jacket appears courtesy of Schott NYC.”

PC Gamer did a bit of snooping and sure enough, a jacket that looks a lot like Leon’s is on the Schott NYC website, but with no mention of our intrepid zombie fighter’s next adventure.

And while the RE4 Remake’s reveal trailer is quite dark and dark, some of the jacket’s distinct details – such as the cuffs and the cross on the back – match perfectly.

The bad news? It’s not cheap. The smaller sizes cost £1200 ($1500) while the larger ones are available for £1440 ($1800).

As for the reinvented game itself? Predictably, we saw plenty of glimpses of Resident Evil 4-esque locations, though it was also made clear that this is a somewhat different remake, with many looking new.

In an accompanying PlayStation blog post, Capcom explained that this new version of Resi 4 will be “familiar to fans of the series, while still feeling fresh.”

“This is done by reimagining the game’s storyline while keeping the essence of its direction, modernizing the graphics, and updating the controls to a modern standard,” Capcom added.