Papito in the mud: the reactions of the influencer point out that a fake jacket on the Boo James Brown flaunted

  • James Brown has challenged Nigerians over the past few days as he continues to flaunt his Papito on social media
  • The transvestite does not hesitate to share videos and photos of the good times he spends with the supposed lover
  • A Cubana Whitelion influencer, however, pointed out that James Brown’s Papito is wearing a jacket made by two different designers

James Brown has done most recently as he continues to flaunt his supposed lover who he calls Papito.

The transvestite has littered social media with videos and photos of moments and moments spent with Papito in different places.

The designer jacket Papito rockes by James Brown Photo credit: @wf_jamesbrown
Source: Instagram

Papito in the mud

In a post seen online, popular influencer Cubana Whitelion pointed out that James Brown’s Papito was wearing a fake “designer” jacket in one of the photos the transvestite posted.

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According to Whitelion, Papito’s jacket has one designer’s name on the inside and another, misspelled on the outside.

I’m the kind of weirdo who will notice that the inside of his jacket says Moncler, but the outside tag says Burberry and it’s still completely misspelled.

Nigerians react


“There was a catch”


“Beware of fake originals”


“This is the latest Burberry Moncler remix that only billionaires understand”

_real capricorn_:

“Papito & his baby in the MUD”


“We all know the guy na hustler na, James hired him for his service papito na Actor.”


“People have time to dig up stuff like that”


“Bobrisky in a Corner Laughing”

James Brown shares photo with dad

Nigerians can’t believe James Brown’s father allowed him to dress as a woman for a photo shoot together. James shared beautiful photos to celebrate his dad on his birthday.

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In the photos, the transvestite’s father wore an agbada with traditional beads around his neck and a matching red cap.

James, however, wore a white two-piece outfit. The top of the outfit only covered her chest. He had on a black wig with full makeup on his face.

He expressed his deep love for his father, adding that the old man spoils him with love and care.