Overwatch Player Takes Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge In Red Jacket Cosplay

Sweet Calamity took on Ashe’s Deadlock challenge, donning an incredible cosplay costume inspired by the hero’s red jacket skin.

Ashe debuted on Overwatch’s roster as the 29th playable hero in late 2018. The Wild West-inspired character serves as both a sniper and gang leader, traits that allow her to stand out from the rest of Overwatch’s lineup.

As one of the most beloved characters in gaming, she is among the most cosplayed of the bunch. A pair of fans even managed to incorporate Ashe’s sidekick, BOB, into their couple’s cosplay.

But while Ashe’s classic costume usually commands attention, one cosplayer decided to let her red jacket look take center stage for a while.

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge skin highlighted in Overwatch cosplay

Cosplayer Sweet Calamity shared a photo of her gorgeous Ashe cosplay on Reddit. Sweet calamity, which is has already cosplayed the likes of Zatanna and Yennefer of Vengerberg, however, didn’t don the Overwatch hero’s classic western look.

Instead, the legendary skin that players unlocked during Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge 2021 was the inspiration for the look below.

Notably, the legendary skin in question swapped out Ashe’s black vest and long-sleeved white shirt for a bright red jacket.

Sweet Calamity rose to the occasion in her Ashe-inspired Overwatch cosplay, even nailing the pants design and red bandana.

Another Ashe design could possibly appear in cosplay photos, given the character’s redesign for the upcoming sequel. The changes themselves seem subtle, enhancing her base look with a sleek haircut and outfit.

Players can expect to explore all of Ashe’s Overwatch 2 changes when the full game releases this fall on October 4.