New Courrèges biker jacket is designed to be club-friendly – ​​WWD

Nicolas Di Felice’s club-friendly approach was evident in his men’s spring collection for Courrèges. Jackets and coats had removable straps in the back so you could hang them over your shoulder while dancing.

After all, he reasoned, you wouldn’t leave your best biker jacket in a shabby locker room. His version came with the Courrèges name stitched on the front and sleeve, and a different logo on the back. The tattoo-like emblem was created by founder André Courrèges to mark the launch of his first men’s line in 1973.

Inspired by a neoprene jacket from the archives, Di Felice imagined a bike ride to the beach. The vibe was hedonistic minimalism, with crisp workwear-style jackets, plain board shorts and tees that wrapped sensually around the body. Accessories included mother-of-pearl jewelry and neoprene thigh-high boots.

Driven by the success of his revival of the Space Age label, the designer is gaining confidence. “I feel more and more free, so I want to explore more and more,” he said. “The image of Courrèges has always been a little stiff. I want to make it a bit more casual, and this strap on clothes is really a first step towards that.

A further sign of relaxation, it also adds a size to its men’s range. Donning the brand’s signature vinyl jackets just got a little easier.