Nautica Japan has launched a fan-cooled A/C jacket for the summer heat

Summer sucks, downright. This is by far the worst season, unless you live in Antarctica or on a beach. I can’t stand humidity or heat, which prevents me not only from wearing clothes, but from simply walking outside.

I tried everything: tank tops, shorts, sandals, sun hats. Nothing prevents me from overheating/

But what if there was an item of clothing that cooled you down while you were wearing it? What if there was a jacket that let you take your AC unit out of your apartment and on the road?

For ¥47,300 (about $355), Nautica Japan’s Air Conditioning Jacket will do just that.

Co-designed with indie label IS-NESS – best known in Japan for their very literal musical genre printed baggy tees and pants – Nautica Japan’s “Athletic Jacket” is designed to replicate the warm-up gear of the old school, the kind of stuff you’d drag for a few ball games or to hit the track.

Nautica Japan is overseen by star designer Akio Hasegawa, who has a deep obsession with ’90s sportswear, so everything he does is extremely retro.

That’s why this jacket sports vintage color blocking and random panels of wavy graphic design – it’s meant to look like a thrift store find.

But if you take a peek inside, you’ll get a glimpse of some very contemporary technology.

There is a set of fans built into the shell jacket, powered by a rechargeable battery that sits inside an internal pocket, which not only blow air over the wearer’s body, but make recirculates air throughout the garment. It’s getting a little bloated, but that’s the 90s style we’re talking about here.

Available on FREAKS STORE websitethe Nautica Japan jacket is powered by a system designed by Kuchofuku, a company whose name literally translates to “air-conditioned clothing”.

You can buy standard Kuchofuku clothes on line, if you want an old air-conditioned work jacket. These things are meant to keep delivery drivers and warehouse workers comfortable while working in sweltering summer climates, so they keep you comfortable with ease.

This isn’t even the first A/C unit-infused overlay piece I’ve ever seen: last year, Fragment Design and Uniform Experience dropped a fan-cooled vest with Burtle, a company with a similar schtick.

But it was a bit fancier and, with Hiroshi Fujiwara attached, a lot more hype. Nautica Japan, by comparison, is a brand for the proletariat. A/C jacket for everyone, until the happy end of summer.

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