Masters champion Scottie Scheffler throws the first pitch into Green Jacket

Scottie Scheffler and his new prized possession, the green jacket, are starting to make the rounds in his hometown of Dallas.

After skipping some of the typical media rounds after the major win in New York and on The Late Show, Scheffler, who won the Masters on April 10, threw the first pitch in the Texas Rangers’ home game against the Houston Astros on Wednesday – in the jacket, no less buttoned up and a nifty Masters tie to boot. (The pitch was better than most, but high and definitely a ball.)

“They said aim high and I hit his club,” Scheffler said with a laugh. “I did it there; I didn’t bounce it.

Leaving the mound, he casually said to the Texas Rangers player who grabbed the pitch, “Let me know if you ever want to play golf”, and the player gave the impression that he would accept that offer tomorrow . Scheffler stayed and watched the game with his wife Meredith, even changing into a Rangers jersey.

And he’s not done on the local sports circuit: A press release from the NHL’s Dallas Stars said Scheffler will take part in the face-off ceremony ahead of the 2021-22 regular season finale of the NHL. team on Friday, April 29 against the Anaheim Ducks at American Airlines Center.

Scheffler, the world No. 1, contested the Zurich Classic in New Orleans last week with partner Ryan Palmer. When asked at their press conference where he picked up the green jacket, he said he only got it at home.

“When my wife asks me to do stuff around the house, sometimes I take it out of the closet and look at her, huh, really? It hasn’t worked out yet,” he said. “Yeah, I just had fun with that at home. I really didn’t do anything special. I didn’t take him out of the house. I think I’m the only one who can remove the jacket from the property. So I want to represent Augusta National well, and I have to bring him back at the end of next year. As I am almost the representation of the Green Jacket outside the club, I treat it with respect. I’m not going to do anything crazy with it. »

It’s a new week. The first pitch and drop the puck? These are apparently good. And why stop there — Scheffler is totally expected to announce the first-round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night while wearing the green jacket. Maybe the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks — who are on the road Thursday — can ask Scheffler to do the first tip if their playoff series lasts seven games with the Utah Jazz on Sunday. After all, this is Texas, where you have to think big or go home.