Like Jacob Elordi, Think Inside the Box Jacket

Jacob Elordi: A top notch HBO outlet Euphoria, the hit teen drama that makes sex with people twice their age and MDMA in gym class alarming and appealing and normal and crazy all at the same time. But despite Elordi’s turn as the toxic wasteland of a star quarterback, the 24-year-old has won over a small army of fans thanks to being a very nice guy, and a very nice guy, and a very nice Sorta Guy jacket. The latter is particularly important.

Jon Kopaloff

Because, yes, we take care of these things at Squire. But also because the benefits of a boxy jacket are probably among the worst kept secrets in menswear. To Euphoria screening event in Los Angeles, Elordi scaffolded what is a fairly tall and lithe frame (6’4, just in case you really want to lament your genetics) with a boxy jacket. When you’re this big, it’s hard to bulk up without a Hollywood personal trainer and protein powder grown in a secret government lab. So you layer it instead.

A wider shoulder and shorter trunk effectively frame your torso – or at least give that illusion. The result is something chunkier; a little more of a rugby player; something like the nice, beefy Provençal farmer who kept offering to carry your loved one’s luggage on vacation. You can build a monstrously large back to preserve your dignity on the next trip abroad. And, until then, cocoon safely in the cradle of a boxy jacket.

Elordi opted for Prada. Strong! But there are other options. French outfit Jacquemus does the aforementioned country boy thing. But on those paler, sadder shores, Basic Rights and YMC are just two brands that make boxier jackets in solid, wearable colors. Elordi’s navy, black and denim choice are easy to fill out, but also offer an edge over workwear. Important, especially when menswear continues to draw inspiration from blue-collar heritage.

Surely a boxy jacket isn’t going to break the internet. Euphoria high would not be impressed with such a classic, you BASIC. But outside of that sexy naughty institute, thinking inside the box is always a good idea.

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