Labrador wearing a life jacket melts hearts for his crazy splashes in the river

Whether it’s a backyard pool or an unexpected waterslide, it’s no secret that Labradors love water.

A puppy’s unconventional swimming technique has gone viral, with TikTok users ‘loving his energy’.

In the clip shared to TikTok by j_louboo on July 25, a black Labrador called Mr. Moose can be seen showing off his skills. Standing and splashing around in a lake in his little life jacket, he seems to be having fun like a whale in the water.

Since being shared two days ago, the post has received over 80,000 likes and nearly 4,000 shares.

Originally bred to help fishermen, Labradors are natural water dogs. According to The Labrador Site, the breed descends from the St. John’s Water Dog, which originated in Newfoundland, Canada. The St. John’s Water Dog aided the settlers by catching any fish that managed to escape from a hook or net, as well as retrieving fishing gear for their owners. Labradors have even evolved with extra straps between their toes, as well as wide paws, to help them swim.

A photo of a black Labrador retriever sticking its head out of the water while swimming in a lake. TikTok users described Labrador’s “crazy splash” as “pure joy”.
Tom Meaker/iStock/Getty Images Plus

In fact, Labradors love water so much that when given the choice, Labradors will choose water over a human or other dogs. For the 2015 study, published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior Clinical Applications and Research, Labradors were given a choice of three stimuli. When asked to choose between a pool, a human, or another dog, Labradors spent the most time in the pool, giving credence to the breed’s supposed love of water.

TikTok users couldn’t get enough of Mr. Moose’s happy face.

“The serotonin I got was *chef’s kiss*,” Tori White said.

“It’s so pure!” agreed Michelle Yip.

“I love his energy and I love that he has a life jacket,” Lyndsay Nielson commented.

While Jen described the video as follows: “[The] best thing [I’ve] seen today.”

However, some TikTokers found Mr. Moose’s signature swim oddly relatable.

“When something hits my leg,” Trista Anderson said.

“I would love to join this aquafit class,” waterfallsea wrote.

“My puppy does the same! Commented Lisa Callard. “He’s mad about splashing!”

Labradors aren’t the only breed with an affinity for water. A German Shepherd was recently filmed bathing in his owner’s swimming pool, while an Italian Water Dog lived up to his name by managing to find the only puddle in a park with no playground. ‘water. Then there’s this little dachshund, who failed epically trying to swim in his water bowl.

Newsweek has contacted j_louboo for comment.