Jordan Spieth introduced as “Justin Spieth” during the presentation of the jacket for the tournament he literally just won | This is the loop

Professional golfers whose name is advertised in a comic fashion is nothing new. Rickie Flower, Bruce Cupcake and Luke McDonald are among the big botches in the first tee, but none of them were as badass as the jacket presentation at RBC Heritage on Sunday.

It’s one thing for a volunteer or first-timer to foul up in that department, even if it’s a well-known player. They announce lots of names throughout the day so confusion is bound to happen. It’s a whole other thing when shit happens at the damn winner’s ceremony, in this case Jordan Spieth at Harbor Town.

That’s exactly what happened when Jordan was announced as “Justin Spieth” on Sunday night, after literally winning the tournament.

Not to be mean, but… how the hell does this happen? Not only did he just win the tournament, but it’s Jordan Spieth! It wasn’t a first-time winner that no one has ever heard of. You had a job, mate.

The good news for this guy is that Spieth took him in stride because he’s a great guy, as evidenced by his return to sign autographs for the kids he promised to sign for. Probably because they knew his name.