James Harden playoff outfit? A letterman jacket adorned with flamingos

The jury is out on whether James Harden will restore his playoff reputation with the 76ers. But whether or not he shows up on the pitch, it’s clear Harden was ready for the pre-game tunnel.

Harden, who’s been rocking colorful clothes all season, got particularly creative for Game 1 of the Sixers’ first-round series against the Toronto Raptors.

While the rest of her fashion choices on Saturday were relatively muted, Harden sported an eye-catching royal blue jacket, which was outfitted with white LVs – for Louis Vuitton – and two stuffed animals. The animals, a plaid rabbit and a flamingo, were attached to the left side of the jacket.

And just in case you underestimated Harden’s serious approach to fashion, this jacket sold for up to $8,525 on the secondary market.

And, of course, the jacket became a trending topic on Twitter. But this isn’t Harden’s first foray into fashion’s deep waters. Below, some looks from the season.

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Harden wore this number on his first night with the Sixers and rang the bell as guest of honor.

But where Harden really shines is on the Sixers’ Instagram. We’ve compiled a few other fits from their channel…

Like here.

And here.