I tested this Columbia jacket with the new “waterproof technology” and it kept me completely dry

Let’s face it, when the summer months are upon us, we can get a little nervous with our outfit choices.

There are plenty of brands you can rely on for a quick and easy cast, but are they worth it with all the relevant features for a rainy, sunny, stormy or windy day? Probably not.

Outdoor clothing brand Columbia gave me the chance to test out one of their latest creations, the women’s OutDry Extreme™ Mesh Waterproof Hooded Jacket. Granted, it’s a more expensive purchase than your average street jacket but, to me, it’s 100% worth it.


The black jacket also comes in red and is so light that I’ve worn it around my waist on a hike, on a summer morning walk with my son, in the rain, and for shopping in The stores. One thing that becomes very clear when you wear it is its versatility.

For me, I’m very active, so even in the winter months, I will absolutely wear this jacket for all outdoor activities that me, my family and friends do. The jacket has just enough room for a thin sweater underneath which will do the trick to keep warm when needed, or to take off easily when it gets too hot.


The waterproof jacket is packable into its own pocket so you can take it with you anywhere. It is waterproof, breathable, fully sealed, has external seam tape, bonded hood edge, drawstring adjustable hood, peripheral hood adjustment, abrasion resistant chin guard, contoured cuff adjustable and a drawstring adjustable hem, to name a few features.

Even in extreme conditions thanks to its advanced waterproof technology, the breathable material allows excess heat and moisture to escape for added comfort. I got quite warm and sweaty when wearing it on a hike, but as described, it’s super breathable, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable, and it made life a little easier than feeling stuffy and not being able to exercise to your full potential.

The waterproof jacket is great for all weather conditions, and I feel like I’ve proven that by going to the shops in strong winds and in the rain, it has kept me 100% dry. For £225, yes it’s pricey but there’s no doubt that this new technology isn’t worth every penny.