How to wash a down jacket: the three easy steps to wash and dry your down jacket at home


The preparation

No matter how desperate you are to wash that pump, this step cannot be skipped.

Kathmandu recommends checking the care label on the down jacket and following the instructions.

If there are obvious stains, use a soft, damp cloth to remove them and make sure all pockets are empty, close the zippers and turn the down jacket inside out.

Now it’s decision time, choose how you’re going to wash the jacket: by hand or by machine.

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If you wash the jacket in the washing machine, set the machine to a delicate cycle at 30°C and, if possible, select the “extra rinse” option.

Kathmandu also suggests using a specialized downwash and skipping the spin cycle.

If you wash the jacket by hand, soak your down jacket in a sink for up to 60 minutes, using a down-specific detergent. Then squeeze out the excess water, being careful not to wring it out.

The main things to remember when washing your jacket are to avoid dry cleaning, fabric softeners, and top-loading washing machines with agitators.

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The drying process

Drying the down jacket is the easiest part of the process, just lay the jacket flat on a clothes rack and let it dry for 24-48 hours.

When the jacket is almost dry, put it in the dryer on low heat, making sure to check it regularly.

If you really want to bulk up the jacket, Kathmandu also suggests throwing two to three tennis balls in the dryer with the jacket.

When drying the down jacket, remember never to use the spin cycle, do not wring the jacket, and make sure the jacket is completely dry before storing or wearing it.

If your dryer doesn’t have the ability to bypass the spin cycle, it’s probably best to stick with the drying rack method.