French equipment manufacturer Helstons launches the Lynx textile jacket

Many of you retro, scrambler and cafe-racer enthusiasts will know Helstons as the French manufacturer of boujee gear with stylish leather jackets and gloves. Although leather is always in style, it’s just not a practical choice, especially for those who live in more temperate regions.

That’s why Helstons has expanded its product portfolio to include textile jackets that don’t skimp on style, while offering equal or even better levels of protection than its leather jackets. The latest addition to the Helstons range of textile jackets is the Lynx, a simple yet stylish jacket perfect for everyday use.

The Lynx incorporates classic bomber styling that pays homage to Air Force aesthetics. It is, indeed, a timeless design perfect for all neo-retro motorcycles and even scooters. Like all Helstons products, the Lynx offers the maximum level of protection and is made from abrasion resistant material. It features ribbed sections at the cuffs, waist and collar, as well as leather panels at the top of the shoulders that not only provide extra reinforcement, but add a touch of classic style.

Diving into the technicalities for a moment, we find that the Lynx offers standard protections on the elbows, shoulders and back, all CE approved, of course. There is also the possibility of upgrading the back protection to a level 2 version, for more security. The back protector box, as well as all the inserts for the protectors are concealed under the outer layer. That means all that protection doesn’t compromise the Lynx’s understated style, keeping you stylish both on and off the bike.

Helstons offers the Lynx Jacket in a variety of sizes from S to 4XL. It is available in two colors, blue or gray, and is adorned with various patches, all tributes to the Air Force. As far as pricing goes, the jacket will set you back 239 Euros, or around US$270. International shipping options are available from various Helstons retailers at an additional cost.