French equipment manufacturer Bering launches the Zenith Street jacket

Gear and gear manufacturers have recently been able to expand their product lines using new materials to offer a variety of designs that, at least from a style standpoint, are virtually indistinguishable from streetwear to fashion. fashion. Especially now that the warmer months have arrived, this is especially true with the new leather and textile jackets we’ve seen.

With the Zenith, the famous French manufacturer Bering has chosen to develop a completely new motorcycle specific jacket which is mainly constructed from softshell fabric. A surprising choice given that softshell is known for its insulating and windproof qualities. The Zenith is still classified by Bering as a summer jacket, albeit one for regions with milder summers. The Zenith has a very casual appearance since softshell fabric is a common material in the streetwear industry.

Large mesh panels cover the chest, back and under the arms, with softshell fabric predominating on the arms and sides. It strikes a good mix between ease and hot weather fashion. The combination of textiles also gives the jacket a sporty two-tone appearance, making it suitable for a number of motorcycle designs ranging from classic cafe racers to modern naked streetfighters.

A removable hood, which lets you flaunt that street vibe when off the bike, further enhances the Zenith’s street-centric appearance. Additionally, two exterior pockets and two interior pockets provide much-needed functionality by allowing you to safely store small personal items while you cycle. For better visibility, luminous inserts on the shoulders have been added. The jacket is perfectly fitted with adjustable cuffs and a zip connector at the waist.

When it comes to safety features, Bering has included CE level 1 certified Alpha elbow and shoulder protectors to the Zenith jacket. Due to a pocket on the back, a regular back protector is also suitable. Overall, the EN 17092 standard gives the Bering Zenith a Class A PPE certification. The Bering Zenith jacket costs 199.99 euros, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to approximately 214 USD. It comes in two colorways and in sizes ranging from S to 4XL.