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Although called “fleece”, the material is fully synthetic and created from plastic ingredients. Fleece is a remarkable product that is entirely man-made. The main quality of this fabric is its softness and softness, warmth and breathability to the touch. This incredibly adaptable item, available in a variety of colors and can be worn with almost anything, is ideal for winter wear. Your winter will be bright, fashionable and warm with fleece jackets and inner layer options like fleece shirts, fleece pullovers, fleece hoodies and fleece knit sweaters. It helps you keep everything cool and comfortable.

What is a fleece jacket?

A fleece jacket is a thin, casual jacket made of synthetic polyester wool that usually closes in the middle with a zipper rather than buttons or another type of closure. Although not generally weatherproof, it will provide thermal insulation. In addition, it will not adequately block wind and rain.

Many of us consider fleece tops, or fleeces as they are often called, a winter necessity. Polartec introduced the world to fleece tops in the 1970s. The best fleece jackets work well as an outer layer in mild conditions or as a layer under your jacket when the weather turns nicer. This wonderful fabric was lighter and less rough than wool.

But because it’s synthetic and made of polyester, its fibers gradually deteriorate over time and release tiny microplastic filaments into the environment. But luckily, outdoor clothing companies are tackling these issues head-on by developing jackets made entirely from recycled materials.