Enginehawk Cookies ‘N’ Creme Sniper Jacket (Product Review)

It might be a relatively new brand for the Australian market, but Enginehawk has been around for just over two years now. Created by the founders of Ruroc Helmets, they’ve rocked the cages in the motorcycle jacket scene.

A British brand with a clear mission to redefine traditional motorcycle clothing, with a safety foundation and a unique community approach to R&D, Enginehawk make a range of jackets, including the Cookies ‘N’ Creme Sniper tested here.

Available in green, with black highlights, this moto jacket features CE armor and looks just as good on the bike as it does off it. Just like ordering a Ruroc lid, it is also an internet-only shopping experience. That said, it’s pretty easy.

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You start by selecting your style and size (there’s a handy size guide on the site), then it’s just a matter of waiting for your delivery. What’s nice about the process is that your order is tracked all the time, and it even arrives in beautiful packaging.

The size guide worked well for us too, yours truly ordering an XL. The out of the box fit was pretty perfect. Once you have your jacket in your warm little hands, the first thing you notice is the superior quality of the leather.

Enginehawk Cookies ‘N’ Cream Sniper Jacket

It has that pleasant leather feel and smell that you expect. The zippers feel good too and are well made. They might be a little too heavy, but more on that in a bit. Above all, the jacket feels good. He looks smart too.

The leather is supple and soft and offers good flexibility when sitting on the bike and, of course, when riding. Now back to the main zipper, which is one of our only complaints with this jacket.

It doesn’t feel cheap or shoddy in any way, but it does stick a little, especially when new. This problem, in all honesty, lessened over time and as we put in more miles.

The other downside is ventilation, in certain circumstances. The Cookies ‘N’ Creme Sniper works great in cold, low temperatures (perfect for winter, spring, and fall), but pushes the mercury to 30 degrees Celsius or higher, and it’s hard to let in. the air.

As mentioned, this jacket features CE safety components, including AA-approved abrasion-resistant leather for superior slip protection. There is also CE approved SAS-TEC Triple Flex Level 1 armor in the back, shoulders and elbows.

Enginehawk Cookies 'N' Cream Sniper Jacket
Enginehawk Cookies ‘N’ Cream Sniper Jacket

As for storage, there are two good sized internal pockets, as well as two external pockets for all your necessities while riding. If you don’t like green, there’s also a Cookies ‘N’ Creme UV in black and a Cookies ‘N’ Creme in back and white.

Overall, the Enginehawk Cookies ‘N’ Creme Sniper Jacket was a great addition to our motorcycle kit. It looks unique and feels great on the bike. It is available in sizes Small to 3XL, subject to availability.

It should be noted that you can also trade in existing armor in this jacket, with a discount available on purchasing Rheon units, if you purchase the Cookies ‘N’ Creme Sniper. To learn more and see the rest of the lineup, visit www.enginehawk.com.

Our test product was provided by Enginehawk. Exhaust Notes Australia was not paid to review this product.

Advantages – stylish jacket; good safety features; quality fit and finish.

The inconvenients – Unable to try in person in Australia; sticky zipper; ventilation in hot weather.

Enginehawk Cookies 'N' Cream Sniper Jacket
Enginehawk Cookies ‘N’ Cream Sniper Jacket