Denim Tears, Stüssy and Our Legacy Tease Jacket & Jeans Collab

Another round of Denim Tears, Stüssy and Our Legacy? I don’t mind if I do.

On August 20, Kerwin Frost, the man behind the adidas Yeti, took to Instagram to pull off his latest cut: a white Denim Tears x Stüssy x Our Legacy denim jacket and denim ensemble.

The rumored Denim Tears x Stüssy x Our Legacy set in question has a large amount of graphic prints and patchwork details, which undoubtedly exude the essence of the three partners.

Looking down on Frost’s fitted top, Stüssy’s famous bouclé script manifests as an all-over print that spells out each brand’s hometowns.

Stockholm representatives for Our Legacy, which is based in the Swedish capital. Jamaica, Queens is where Denim Tears founder Tremaine Emory was raised. And, of course, Los Angeles speaks for Stüssy, the Californian surfer-turned-streetwear brand.

Ah, and here’s Denim Tears’ beloved cotton crown again. As seen in its Rhinestone Levi’s collection, the brand’s recurring motif materializes in the form of a fuzzy chenille embroidered patch.

A Pan-African flag-inspired patch also joins the stitched designs, nodding to another key theme of the Denim Tears brand narrative. Do you remember the Chuck Taylors?

It’s no surprise that Levi’s beloved denim has become a canvas for the doodling and embroidery of Denim Tears, Stüssy and Our Legacy.

After all, the Emory’s label and Levi’s have been in cahoots for quite some time now, recently (and deservedly) taking over the Fourth of July with Cactus Plant Flea Market.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Denim Tears, Stüssy and Our Legacy have teamed up for a collaboration.

The three reunited in 2021 for a collection, including t-shirts and a $550 varsity jacket that still costs over $1,000 on the secondary market as we speak.

In line with the 2021 collaboration, the three have seeded the upcoming Denim Tears x Stüssy x Our Legacy ensemble, which is already attracting interest from streetwear chefs.

With such clean graphic denim, I’m sure the Denim Tears x Stüssy x Our Legacy drop will be another hit when it’s supposed to be released in fall 2022.

Fall 2022? What happened to no white people after Labor Day?

Indeed, the old-fashioned principle of fashion is still followed by a few. But, I think we can make an exception for Denim Tears, Stüssy and Our Legacy, whose next drip is too cool for the rules.

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