Classic and cosplay leather jacket company Suzahdi stand tall with Scottish Laird coat and Maverick flight jacket

Brown flight leather jacket similar to Maverick’s

Want to order a Scottish laird leather coat that looks like the one Jamie Fraser wears in Outlander?

Scottish Laird Leather Coat by Suzahdi

Want a suede leather jacket that looks like what Rick Grimes wears in The Walking Dead?

Suzahdi crafts most popular leather jacket is TWD Rick style

Unique chance to have your own leather jacket inspired by Heughan, Cruise, Lennon and Lincoln celebrities and sustainable fashion.

SAN FRANCISO, CALIFORNIA, USA, Aug. 23, 2022 / — The team at Elegant Group Inc would like to reveal new designs of classic and cosplay leather jackets and vests, ready for you to study, view and purchased by customers. -by hand with ethically sound work practices. EGI’s handcrafted Suzahdi jackets and vests design team works with their expert tailors daily to select the perfect leather for every cosplay and order of classic leather jackets and vests.

Two of the most popular features with Suzahdi customers are EGI’s suede styles inspired by a popular TWD character, and dark brown suede inspired by that beloved Beatle. Just think “imagine”.

The distressed leather look is also a staple for customers, especially those the Suzahdi team draws inspiration from to create, such as what Dean’s character wears in a supernatural show and the Highland laird style of Jamie’s character in a popular. Scottish historical fiction show. The latter is one of Suzahdi’s newest and most popular models.

“As an ‘Outlander’ fan, I was very impressed with the long leather jacket that Jamie Fraser’s character wore in the new episodes. I received an excellent reproduction of this jacket from Suzahdi. Well designed , very reasonably priced and an unintended but brilliant nod to time travel,” says Kenton Adler, Director of Scottish Heritage Advancement at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas, and Suzahdi client of Elegant Group Inc. .

Suzahdi designs are those inspired by characters from books, comics, TV shows, movies or real life and are usually added as choices on eBay or when customers request them. asks, as the esteemed Kenton Adler. The latest examples are the leather coat similar to what the character wears in the famous Scottish time travel show and much like what the Navy Combat Tactics Instructor character wears in a true 2022 blockbuster .

Pino DiFeo, journalist for the Italian press agency Askanews, pilot; PR and WeFly speaker! Team, the world’s first and largest aerobatic team of disabled pilots; and Italian Air Force Reserve Officer, recalled, “Just another brick in the wall…when I took my first real (not virtual) solo flight in over two decades after my transverse #myelitis that hit in 2008. Something beautiful happened in the form of a leather bomber jacket, the Maverick jacket, inspired by Suzahdi’s TG Cruise. It was a positive moment that lasts forever.”

The leather used to make the 58 Suzahdi cosplay and classic leather jacket designs is usually full grain cowhide or goatskin or sheepskin. Full-grain leather means the hair is removed and the skin immediately enters the tanning process. Suzahdi and her customers have good reason to prefer full-grain leather. The oil absorption characteristics and original facets of the leather remain intact. Full-grain leather will last longer and will patina, which means it will have great appeal as it ages.

Elegant Group Inc’s team of experts hand-tan hides and skins in their state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled property under excellent working conditions. At every stage of sourcing materials, from ethically sourced to final fashion pieces in the creative process, concern for the proper treatment of everyone and everything involved is paramount.

“Suzahdi’s service of handcrafting classic and cosplay leather jackets to order includes quality checks to ensure the animals involved are treated humanely and the working conditions for employees are more than appropriate,” Suzanne Bowen and Fahad Iqbal, co-founders and co-owners of Elegant Group Inc. and its service of cosplay and classic leather jackets and vests Suzahdi since 2012.

Suzahdi’s famous sustainable fashion leather jackets are made to order to assure customers that the leather used is brand new and reliable. Typically, the lead time – from choosing the amazing leather, pattern, cutting the pattern pieces and stitching, to adding the bottom band and everything in between – is ten to forty business days, depending on the complexity and whether the design is new or the order is custom-fitted or personalized in any way.

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Totally inspired by Pino DiFeo Transverse Myelitis Survivor TG Maverick and Bomber Pilots – Suzahdi Style Leather Jacket