Blue Bomber Jacket Canada – Frank And Oak Quilted Reversible Collection for Men Launched

Montreal, April 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal, Quebec –

Frank And Oak, one of Canada’s leading eco-conscious fashion brands, has launched the Skyline reversible bomber jacket collection for men. The blue color variant of the Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket can be viewed by going to the link: blue-1410207-4au?

A company spokesperson speaks of the Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket saying, “We designed this bomber jacket to be a multi-faceted product that excels in all aspects of making it the perfect clothing option for It’s been designed to look intriguing and fashionable while giving you the weatherproof functionality you’ve come to expect from a jacket like this.It also achieves both of these goals while being created from an eco-friendly way that will appeal to those who care about nature and all of God’s creations The jacket is made from a mix of recycled PET bottles and animal-free Thermore® Ecodown® insulation The choice of materials also makes the jacket windproof and water repellent as it will keep you warm and dry throughout the seasons, year after year The jacket is also reversible and versatile, giving you the choice to go for the perfect look to match. suits your style. On one side, the jacket features a diamond-shaped quilted texture, two side welt pockets with zippers and a patch pocket on the chest. You will never run out of features with this jacket.

The Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket has a ton of features that enhance the wearer’s experience while being a green product as it is forged from recycled materials. The jacket is made from 57% recycled polyester and 43% polyester. The lining of the jacket as well as its label are also made from recycled fibers. The zippers used on the jacket also get an eco-friendly treatment as the jacket uses NATULON® zipper tapes which are made from recycled materials including PBT, PET and POM, using a chemical process that facilitates subsequent recycling.

As previously announced, the brand’s commitment to making an ecological product that respects the ecological balance of the planet extends to all its products. The polyester fabric used by Frank And Oak for its products is made from yarns made from plastic waste, mainly bottles. The hard plastic is shredded into miniature shavings, which are spun into new polyester yarn and woven into the fabric. The nylon fibers used for Frank And Oak products are made from discarded nylon textiles, spun into new yarns, reducing the use of resources. The company’s wool is made from previously used woolen garments. Old clothes are shredded and spun into new woolen yarn, and combined with new wool into a new fabric. For the company’s cotton garments, it uses cotton grown responsibly and harvested using sustainable methods.

A verified buyer who left a review on the Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket shop page and gave it 5 stars said, “I love this jacket and I’m fighting the urge to buy it in another color . First of all, it’s warmer than I expected. So far it has kept me comfortable in 40-50 degree weather. As for fit, I am 185 lbs, 5’11”, athletic build and purchased the medium. The medium is perfect for me, however, I can see that it is a bit too loose for people with less broad or more slender shoulders. All in all, this was a great buy for anyone looking to build a capsular wardrobe.

Another verified buyer raves about the Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket on their product page, saying, “This jacket is the same quality I expect from Frank And Oak. The fit is great and I especially like the color which is unique and differentiates from similar style jackets.”

Readers can view the dark blue variant of the Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket by visiting the link:


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