BHS Softball Suffers Loss to O’Dowd – Berkeley High Jacket

The Berkeley High School (BHS) women’s varsity softball team took on Bishop O’Dowd High School on the evening of May 12. The match ended with O’Dowd winning 3-0 against BHS, who put up a good defense but failed to counter attack offensively.

The game started slowly, with both teams yet to score a run after three innings. Berkeley number 22 Avery Lyman came close, but three outs cut her off before she had a chance to go home. Despite the slow start, the next two rounds turned the tables completely in O’Dowd’s favor.

In the first inning that was made, the BHS second baseman ran into the umpire, which O’Dowd used to score and get the upper hand. For the rest of the match, the confusion weighed heavily on the BHS team. Academic Choice (AC) junior Paola Gunier noted, “As a team, when something doesn’t go the way we planned, I think our energy goes down.”

O’Dowd’s next point came following a mix-up, “a line drive in foul territory that I thought was a foul, but apparently it hit Avery’s glove”, as put it. recalled Elise Nudel, a junior in AC. This allowed O’Dowd to hit a triple and finish the run with a single on the next at-bat. With that, BHS’s spirits sank again.

The final run, an O’Dowd double, brought a runner from second home. The following rounds were full of frustration for the BHS team, who knew the stakes were high, but ultimately failed to manage a race. AC junior Rosie Green attributed the loss to a “need [for] more communication…and uplifting each other.

At the end of the match, O’Dowd rejoiced at having won against BHS after two straight losses, while BHS regrouped to reflect on their defeat.

“Our sticks just never came to life,” coach Jason Kaneko said. “The last two times we played them, we were able to take advantage of their mistakes, and today they took advantage of ours,” Kaneko said of their defeat.