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Which dog jackets are the best?

Dogs may come with their own fur coat, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get chilly in cold weather too. This is especially true for dogs with short fur or fine coats who may not be well suited to living in cold environments.

Just like humans, dog jackets are a great choice for dogs because they combine durability, warmth, and comfort. They can also look very elegant, as evidenced by the Kurgo Loft Jacket, which comes in more than a dozen colors and patterns. It is even reversible to vary your dog’s outfits.

What to know before buying a dog jacket


The material of a dog jacket will affect both its durability and its ability to keep your furry friend warm. For exteriors, polyester is a common choice because it is strong, has good water and wind resistance, and is highly stain resistant. Nylon, preferably ripstop nylon, is even stronger than polyester and shares many of the same properties regarding water, wind and stain resistance.

If you choose a jacket with a different material inside, fleece, sherpa and cotton are good options. The former two are very warm, making them a better choice for very cold climates, while the latter breathes well and is better suited to mild climates.


If you’ve never bought clothes for your dog before, finding the right size can be tricky. This is partly because sizing can vary widely between brands, but also partly because many people don’t know how to determine their dog’s size. It’s best not to rely on weight alone, as there’s too much room for error that way. Instead, get out a tape measure and actually measure your dog.

To do this, you will need to take three steps. Check the circumference of your dog’s chest at the widest point and the bottom of his neck. Then measure the length of his back from the base of his neck to the base of his tail. After that, you’ll have all the information you need to choose a down jacket that’s right for your dog.

Features To Look For In A Quality Dog Down Jacket


Some dog jackets have the same material on the inside as on the outside. If you’re looking for something a little more comfortable or that offers a little more warmth, consider picking one that features some kind of plush lining. Fleece and Sherpa materials are very popular.


Dog jackets are available with and without a hood. Hoods can add an extra element of cuteness, especially ones with a faux fur trim, but you need to be realistic about their effectiveness. More than likely, the hood won’t stay put and won’t do much to provide your dog with extra warmth.


Dog jackets use different types of closures, some of which are much easier to use than others. Buttons may be cute, but they can be difficult to fasten under a dog’s belly, especially ones that wiggle a lot. They should only be considered for dogs that are easy to work with. Zippers can be easier to close and there is no doubt that they provide a secure closure, but they should be avoided on long fur dog breeds as they can get caught in them. That leaves Velcro and snap closures as the best option for the majority of dog owners.

leash hole

It is recommended that you keep your dog on a leash whenever you go out in public with him. With that in mind, it makes sense to choose a dog jacket that has a hole for the leash. This is especially important for hooded jackets, which will fully cover the neck, and for dogs whose leash is attached to a harness rather than a necklace.

Reflective accents

If you think your dog will wear the down jacket on night walks, picking one with reflective accents is a good idea. These will make it easier for motorists to see your furry family member at night and increase their safety.


Reversible down jackets have a different color on each side, essentially giving you two jackets for the price of one.

How much you can expect to spend on a dog jacket

Most people can find a quality down jacket for their dog for between $15 and $50.

Dog Down Jacket FAQ

Do dogs really need jackets to stay warm in cold weather?

A. Generally speaking, dogs with short fur or finer coats are more likely to get cold in cold climates than those with long fur or thick coats. It also depends on each dog. Just like people, some dogs are colder than others. If you’ve ever noticed your dog shivering, trying to burrow under blankets, or constantly trying to sit near a heat source, these are all indications that he may be cold.

How do I clean my dog’s down jacket?

A. Just like human clothing, dog down jackets should come with care instructions, either on the label or in a small pamphlet. Often they can be machine washed and some can even be dried on a gentle setting.

What is the best dog jacket to buy?

Top Dog quilted jacket

Kurgo Loft Jacket

What do you want to know: This stylish, reversible option has a durable, water-resistant construction and is great for keeping dogs warm on those bitterly cold winter days.

What you will love: It’s basically two jackets in one and comes in more colors and patterns than most.

What you should consider: There is a big difference between sizes, which can make it difficult to find a well-fitting option for some dogs.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top dog down jacket for the money

Lesypet Warm Winter Dog Coat

Lesypet Warm Winter Dog Coat

What do you want to know: Possibly one of the cutest options available, this jacket will make your furry friend look like a little popsicle.

What you will love: The snap button closure is relatively easy to fasten and more elegant than Velcro. In addition, the padded cotton padding provides good insulation.

What you should consider: It is only available in sizes for small dogs.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Gooby Quilted Dog Vest

Gooby Quilted Dog Vest

What do you want to know: Both heavily insulated and easy to tie up, this jacket is one of the best choices for restless dogs who need lots of extra warmth.

What you will love: The zipper goes down the back instead of the belly, so it’s very convenient to access it. Additionally, it features a sturdy, reinforced leash attachment point, eliminating the need for your dog to also wear a harness, which could potentially cause chafing.

What you should consider: The outer material is not as durable as some would like.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon.

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