Aussie guys roast on North Face jackets fashion trend

A group of Melbourne men have been completely grilled online after they were pictured all wearing the same wildly popular outfit.

It’s no secret that Australians love a good North Face or Kathmandu jacket, with the black down jackets coming out whenever the temperature drops below 15°C.

Australia’s obsession with the jacket is a long-running joke, which probably explains why Tahlea Aualiitia couldn’t resist snapping a photo when she spotted five men all wearing the garment.

“Melbourne surely has a collective name for this,” the ABC reporter wrote on Twitter above the image.

The photo shows all of the band members wearing a black North Face jacket, black or navy pants and RM Williams boots.

The tweet received over 10,000 likes and nearly 800 retweets.

“Always the boots… Aussies dress up as farmers,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person said, “I have one of these coats myself. I thought it was awesome until I traveled to Melbourne wearing it and found it looks like part of a uniform there.

The post was also shared with the Reddit group r/Melbourne, with the poster suggesting a “puff of people” might be a good name for the phenomenon.

This prompted a long list of hilarious suggestions from users, including Kathmandudes, a Clusterpuff, Puff Daddies, and a MacPack.

“The classic black puffer jacket and the RM Williams combo,” one user wrote.

“RM Williams, for all those tough outdoor activities you do in your daily life downtown. Like getting in and out of the driver’s seat of your Prado before walking the 10 meters down your driveway to the front door,” another added.

One person said: “Ah yes the common Melbourne male. He can be seen with a latte in one hand as he obnoxiously walks the entire trail with his co-workers.

While others ridiculed the group for their matching fashion, one Reddit user was quick to come to their defense.

“Listen, it’s bloody cold in Melbourne and there’s nothing warmer, lighter and more functional than a down jacket. Puffer jackets are a necessity, not a fashion choice – they are a very smart addition to a Melbourne winter wardrobe,” they wrote.

“The problem (it’s not a problem) is the lack of choice. Every store offers down jackets, but the styles and colors available are extremely limited. So you buy a black one that will go with everything. What goes well with a black jacket? Black jeans. So you wear it with black jeans.

“Highway visitors often mention ‘the Melbourne uniform’ (because we wear a lot of black). We don’t choose to wear black, it’s black that chooses us. I ignore the black and brown Chelsea boots, as they are an Australia-wide scourge.

The obsession with the North Face jacket is so widespread that a British expat took to an entire TikTok to poke fun at Australians about it.

Daniel Olaniran, known as @olantekkers, is originally from the UK but has lived in Australia for over two years.

The former professional footballer is clearly no stranger to cold English training, which is probably why he thinks Australia’s obsession with mountain clothing brands North Face and Kathmandu whenever it gets cold is a not rich.

“Australians in winter, you’re all funny men,” he said.

“You can’t wait to get the North Face jackets out… I see big puffy North Face jackets Arsene Wenger style, you know what I mean.

A video captioned “Mornings in Bondi” showed dozens of Sydneysiders in huge down jackets with the sun out.

He said he noticed the amount of Aussies in “North Face dripping from head to toe, including hat and gloves, what this man is like.”

“It’s not even that cold man, all you need is a light sweater and you’re ready to roll bruv.”

“In Sydney I really don’t think it’s too cold…it’s cold but not to the level of a London winter,” he said via the Daily Mail.

“I think most Aussies struggle because they’re obviously so used to the sun.”

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